author . Nesta Morgan

Eugenio Caballero the mexican production designer for Bardo 2022


Sempe and Blake 06.10.2006

BBC #100 Women

The Museum of Curiosity

The Media Society

Edinburgh Film Festival

Venice Architecture Biennale

Laugharne Weekend Festival

A selection of sketches from the first year at Laugharne Weekend Festival, 2007 The laughter (just listening to some of the ex convict Community of Wales!!)

The Sound of Silence, 2004

Savage, 2007

A short film directed by Hannah Gal The house was just like any other on that street – but she had been left in there, day after day, year after year, for nearly 12 years, spellbound in a little room, tied to a potty chair, sewn into a harness to attach her body to the […]